Merchants Typographic Illustrations On T-Shirt

Project outline

Merchants is a long-established fish and chip shop born in Bewdley, along side the River Severn. The local community hold the restaurant in high regard. For those from further afield, eating Merchants’ chips in Bewdley by the river has often become a tradition.

Merchants were planning to open a third shop in Halesowen after the success of their second shop in Stourbridge. Consequently, we were tasked with updating their entire restaurant branding to coincide with the opening of their new shop.

The brief

After our initial discovery meeting, the goals were clear. Firstly, We needed to develop a cohesive brand that pays homage to Merchants’ Bewdley roots. Secondly, customers needed to be able to make the connection between the flagship restaurant in Bewdley and the shops in nearby towns. The new branding had to show that Merchants was bringing the same, high quality, widely acclaimed fish and chips to other localities.

Merchants Full Logo Design

Approaching Merchants’ restaurant branding

Once we had conducted research and presented stylescapes, we turned our attention to the logo. We took inspiration from two key points of research: fish and chips were popularised in the Victorian era; Bewdley bridge is one of the towns most memorable landmarks.

Victorian hand-painted signage inspired the typography. In addition, we incorporated the silhouette of Bewdley bridge to create a memorable logo with a traditional aesthetic. Furthermore, we produced alternative variations of the logo with varying levels of embellishment. As a result, the restaurant now has a logo system that is both flexible and cohesive.

Merchants Branding On Restaurant Packaging
Merchants Branding Illustrations On Restaurant Staff T-Shirt
Merchants Restaurant Branding Pattern On Baking Paper

Developing the brand identity

To celebrate Bewdley and everything that encompasses Merchants, we developed a host of brand elements to reinforce the memorability of the restaurant’s identity.

First, we established an illustration style and utilised it in the brand pattern. Moreover, we used the illustrations in conjunction with the typographic style we developed for the restaurant branding.

We even produced an illustrated map of Bewdley. The map’s style suited the traditional aesthetic that emerged throughout the branding process. And of course, the Merchants building sat at the heart of the entire illustration.

Merchants Restaurant Branding - Map In Frame
Merchants Menu Design
Merchants Social Media Templates

Branded social media templates

Merchants use social media as part of their marketing strategy and to communicate with customers online. Therefore, we created an array of social media templates to reflect the new brand across their social media channels. As a result, the restaurant’s social media output has been visually unified.

Merchants Restaurant Branding Guide