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Fast Cash Property Vehicle Branding

Project outline

Fast Cash Property guarantees to buy any house for cash in as little as seven days. Having had limited success with their existing branding, we were approached to update their website in hope of generating more leads.

The initial review of their visual identity revealed that it did not align with their national competitors. Therefore, we felt that merely updating the website with the brand they already had would not be enough to convince potential clients to use Fast Cash Property over their competitors.

In our next discussion, we explained how an effective brand identity increases a business’ perceived credibility. As a result, we agreed that it would be a wise to refresh the branding before developing the website.

Fast Cash Property Logo

Approaching Fast Cash Property branding

Following our initial discovery meeting, we learned that many cash home buyers are making false claims. Consequently, these claims negatively impact the perception of the whole industry. With these insights in mind, we set about creating a visual identity that would reflect Fast Cash Property’s honest values.

The outcome

The result is that Fast Cash Property now looks and feels like a credible cash home buyer. The new brand identity has enabled them to compete on a level playing field with nationally recognised cash home buyers. The combined brand elements help convey their approachable and transparent nature. Furthermore, elements such as the custom icon set, help to visually explain the process of selling a house.

Fast Cash Property Vehicle Branding
Fast Cash Property Business Cards
Fast Cash Property Website Homepage

Fast Cash Property website development

Following the Fast Cash Property branding project, we turned our attention to the website. Now that we had a solid brand system to work with, the task became much easier. The result is a website that communicates the simplicity of the house sale process. Also, potential clients can request property valuations more easily, which ultimately leads to sales.

Video testimonials and trust signals

Selling a property is a big undertaking that usually involves a lot of money. Due to this, gaining a potential client’s trust was crucial. We discussed different types of trust signals throughout the Fast Cash Property branding project. Video testimonials was one of them. Hearing first-hand accounts of customers’ experiences with a business is a surefire way to build trust.

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