What’s The Elephant in The Room?

Augmented Reality Elephant In The Room Cricket Pitch

Project Outline

We teamed up with long standing client DRPG, working alongside Worcester’s Big Parade, to create an augmented reality trail experience for their latest project “What’s the Elephant in the Room?”. The main aim was to bring creative awareness towards mental health. The requirement was for users to design their own elephant using traditional or digital mediums. Then through an augmented reality app, the design would be uploaded and brought to life. All whilst the user learns more about how to deal with issues surrounding mental health.

Our Solution

Inspired by the well-known expression, ‘Elephant in the Room’, we have developed an augmented reality trail app which places a 3D elephant in the room to showcase the users design reflecting what mental health means to them.

Anyone can download the template to create their elephant design using traditional methods or image editing software. Users can then see their design on a 3D elephant and place it in the real world. Furthermore, with finger gestures, it is possible for users to rotate and scale the elephant to get a 360-degree view. Additionally, a snapshot feature allows users to capture an image of their elephant to share on social media. Finally, the hologram installation at Worcester Crowngate Centre featured designs uploaded to the website during the event.

Try out the augmented reality trail app!

Simply download the template and create your own elephant artwork. You can then view your elephant in real life by downloading the app and uploading the artwork.

Capturing The Whats The Elephant In The Room Design For the Augmented Reality Trail
Elephant In The Room Augmented Reality Trail
Augmented Reality Trail Example On Mobile Devices