CMC Branding

CMC Manufacturing Process

Project Outline

For over 30 years, CMC has been designing and manufacturing compressed air controller, performance and monitoring solutions for manufacturers worldwide. They tasked us with full rebrand as their existing brand identity did not reflect the business’ core values and vision. As an experienced branding agency, we were more than happy to assist.

The initial requirement was to establish a sub brand architecture. CMC being the parent company with several diverging products and services. Each product and service needed their own individual identity but also had to look like part of a family when seen together.

CMC Logo developed as part of branding project

Developing a Sub Brand Architecture

We kicked off the project with a brand audit and analysed current touch-points. Working along side CMC we crafted a unique branding solution. We arrived at a solution that involved a sub brand architecture and a cleverly derived logo system to ensure customers perceived each individual product and service as part of the same family. Finally, we produced a full set brand guidelines to ensure the brand stays consistent.

Branding Agency Amongst Other Specialisms

CMC’s experience with us as a branding agency has led to a well-founded partnership and we continue to support CMC who have taken advantage of our full range of services including exhibition stand design, website development and product tour app. Check out the CMC digital case study.

CMC Logo Development - Creating the Sub Brand Architecture
CMC Sub Brand Architecture
Branding applied to Metacentre brochure

Branding applied to website
CMC branding applied to Hannover Messe stand