CMC Digital Marketing

CMC Hannover Messe Exhibition Stand

Project Outline

CMC are a leading global compressed air control, performance and monitoring business. Being forward thinking innovative company they have always pushed us to deliver the latest in engaging content for both online and at events, they had Augmented Reality Brochures in 2012!. We have been supporting CMC at their largest event in Hannover Germany for over a decade delivering interactive experiences to attract and engage their clients.

Our Solution

A wide range of 3D product renders, animation and engaging exhibition experiences have been delivered by Reflection. From interactive product tours to augmented reality brochures to informative games with bespoke controllers have all assisted CMC to be seen as an innovative market leading company in this sector. See the examples below and get in touch to see how we can help you.

CMC Games
CMC Company Movie Stills
CMC Tag Renders
CMC Augmented Reality