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We provide functional app design and development for businesses to help them promote their brand, attract new customers and improve business performance.

App Types

  • Product Tours – View product information through interactive product tours. Add and update product information after the app’s release with our simple web backend system.
  • Games – Attract new customers to your business with a engaging game and spread the word with integrated social media.
  • Educational (Gamification) – Teach children in schools with interactive content, or inform new staff members of working procedures with instructional videos.

We produce apps for iOS, Android and the latest web browsers using the WebGL platform.

Augmented Reality

Reflection offer this cutting edge tech for organisations to connect with their customers as never before by bringing the physical and virtual worlds together. Users simply point their device at a trigger, which can be a printed image or physical location, and, using visual recognition technology, the app will show the user extra content such as video, interactive animations and 3D models. This technology links all your print and web marketing efforts together by means of a smart device.

To see augmented reality in action download our app (rcmAR) on iTunes or the Google Play Store, then download and print our augmented reality brochure for the example trigger images.