West Midlands Cat Clinic

West Midlands Cat Clinic Consultation Room

Project Outline

The West Midlands Cat Clinic (WMCC) is a cat-only veterinary clinic focused on creating a stress-free environment in which to treat cats. We were asked to develop an approachable, compassionate and cat-centric visual identiy and a content-managed website that utilised their new identity.

West Midlands Cat Clinic Website

Our Solution

Inspired by familiar visual cues from the medical industry and WMCC’s passion for cats we developed a brand identity including a colour palette, typography, photography, graphic elements and a brand mascot. The new identity allows WMCC to be easily recognised as a high-standard veterinary facility as well as appearing welcoming, approachable and even a little cheeky with the introduction of the cat mascot.

We chose to develop the website using WordPress as we understood blogging would form an important part of WMCC’s marketing strategy. The custom built WordPress theme promotes the new visual identity and contains a wealth of easily read information and resources, all of which can be updated and maintained by the West Midlands Cat Clinic.

West Midlands Cat Clinic Brand Guide
West Midlands Cat Clinic Cat Mascot
WMCC Social Post
West Midlands Cat Clinic Responsive Website