OnePlus User

Project Outline

OnePlus Systems is the largest provider of Smart Waste Management software with a focus on waste fullness monitoring and analytics. We were approached by the smart waste firm due to our experience in 3D product visualisation. The initial requirement was for us to provide professional support for their European Marketing collateral. This lead to us working along side the Global Marketing Manager based in United States.

3D Product Visualisation - OnePlus Tank Monitor

Utilising 3D Product Visualisation

Utilising a wide range of our services we worked with the team to deliver creative packaging and exhibition solutions. In addition, the 3D product visuals we developed, feature prominently throughout their marketing efforts. This includes the animated movies we created to assist the sales team in better communicating their advanced product offering.

Amongst all of the cutting edge solutions we offer, creative design and illustration are core skills of our talented team. It allowed us to produce digital and traditional adverts along with website landing pages to increase brand engagement.

3D Product Visualisation - OnePlus Tank Renders
3D Product Visualisation - Garbage Truck Render

OnePlus Flyers