Lighting Reality

Road Lighting

Company and software branding

Lighting Reality, established 1995, created the market leading lighting design software used by over 97% of the UK market. Having an innovative product and market share meant the branding had become dated. They were in need of a professional brand update.

Due to increased competition, Lighting Reality wanted to explore new overseas markets. As a result, the company approached us to rebrand. Their reason? To raise their profile and to align with their strategic vision for the future. All of which, needed to coincide with the release of a new suite of software products.

Lighting Reality Logo - Company Branding

Our Solution

Using our proven process our team were able to create a new company and software branding solution. Not only capturing the core values, but allowing flexibility for future products. One of the challenges was that the software name was the same as the company name. For this reason, it was agreed that the software would be renamed in order to develop a brand architecture.

We supported Lighting Reality with the initial brand roll out with a full suite of marketing collateral and continue to work with them as a creative partner.

Branding Structure for LR Studio Software

Lighting Reality Software - Branding Applied to Roller Banner
Lighting RealitySoftware - Branding Applied to Business Cards
Lighting Reality Brand Colour Palette