Lightbox Originals

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Project Outline

Lightbox Originals, formerly Literary Lightbox aims to inspire writers worldwide to live an accomplished writing life by sharing advice, tips and opportunities through various online platforms.

They wanted their brand refresh to be conveyed as a special place for writers inspired by the Danish concept of Hygge, a cozy way of living by finding joy in simple things, with a British twist.

Lightbox Originals Logo

Our Solution

Our brand refresh for Lightbox Orginals takes a minimalist approach. This allows the imagery to capture the essence of Hygge living to inspire writers to live their best writing life. The pastel colour palette is a nod to the the brands ‘kind to nature’ values and adds an established aesthetic to aid visual credibility.

Before our involvement, a logo was already in place using the former name, Literary Lightbox. The concept had already gained traction amongst their audience so naturally it was agreed upon to develop this idea. The bulb and fountain pen logomark, re-imagined using simple geometric forms, now sits proudly next to geometric sans serif typography, a font style with British influence.

Lightbox Originals Logo Construction Grid
Lightbox Originals Brand Style Guide

Manageable, User-Friendly Website

The website is the lifeblood of the Lightbox Originals community. It clearly displays articles in digestible sections to help writers find what they’re looking for.

Efficiently adding and editing content on the website was paramount. To achieve this, the website utilises the WordPress CMS incorporating a custom-built theme unique to Lightbox Originals. Our bespoke plugins augment the WordPress platform meaning essential content can be highlighted and extensively tailored towards a literary audience.

Lightbox Originals Website Design
Lightbox Originals Responsive Website
Lightbox Originals Website On Mobile

100 Words Campaign

100 Words is a technique to achieve writing goals one small step at a time. This campaign was launched with the unveiling of the new brand identity, to promote engagement and raise brand awareness. It consists of a campaign logo, digital guide and progress calendar, available for free to registered users.

100 Words Logo
100 Words Logo Construction Grid
100 Words Calendar