Ishida Virtual World

Virtual Exhibition

Project Outline

Ishida needed a Virtual Experience to assist marketing efforts during the cancellation of their flagship event Interpack. The experience needed to show visitors the different solutions within their range of products and generate enquires.

Our Solution

Launched in November 2020 a flexible platform driven solution was utilised with high resolution 3d modelling and animation to give the user an engaging experience at the Ishida Virtual World. The outcome was easily integrated into a gated area on their existing website with users having to register to see the Virtual World.

The Virtual Exhibition stand is split into sections allowing users to navigate to specific product groups to find more information. The enquiry element is integrated into their existing CRM system creating a seamless enquiry funnel.

The Future

The Ishida Virtual World is currently being developed in several different languages to complement their Virtual Strategy.

In addition we are working closely with Ishida on new features to keep the Virtual World engaging for visitors and further increase enquiries from across the Globe.

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