Augmented Reality Product Visualisation for Ishida Europe

Augmented Reality Product Visualisation for Ishida

Elevating Ishida Europe’s Industrial Machinery Experience through Augmented Reality Product Visualisation

At Reflection, we embarked on an innovative journey with Ishida Europe, a renowned provider of weighing, quality control, and packaging equipment, to transform their product showcasing experience. Through cutting-edge technology and creative prowess, we crafted an Interactive Product Simulator. It redefined how their industrial machinery range is perceived. Our augmented reality product visualisation solution seamlessly integrates Augmented Reality to offer an immersive, lifelike experience, revolutionising the understanding and presentation of Ishida’s product lines.

Augmented Reality Product Visualisation: Bridging Innovation and Accessibility

With a keen focus on innovation, Ishida Europe sought a versatile solution that could serve as both a Touchscreen experience for events and an Augmented Reality application for their sales and marketing endeavours. Our collaboration led to the development of an unparalleled Interactive Product Simulator, meticulously designed to meet Ishida’s dual-use requirements.

Crafting an Immersive Experience

Through our expertise in digital design and AR development, we brought Ishida’s equipment to life in vivid 3D animation. Users can now explore each product in intricate detail, viewing them at actual size and in full motion. Our augmented reality product visualisation application empowers users to interact with individual machines. They can also construct entire production lines, fostering a deeper understanding of Ishida’s offerings.

X-Ray Machine Augmented Reality Product Visualisation
Product Line 3D Model
Poultry Production Line Augmented Reality Product Visualisation

Seamless Accessibility Across Platforms

Recognising the importance of accessibility, our solution extends beyond Augmented Reality to encompass interactive touchscreen capabilities. Whether at events or in sales meetings, users can seamlessly access the Interactive Product Simulator across various platforms, enhancing engagement and communication.

Enhanced Control and Security

To ensure streamlined distribution and secure access, the application is deployed via Ishida’s own Mobile Device Management (MDM) network. This centralised approach offers complete control over user access, data security, and version management, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining compliance standards.

Production Line Augmented Reality Product Visualisation on Desk

Shaping the Future of Augmented Reality Product Visualisation

Through our collaboration with Ishida Europe, Reflection has set a new standard in product visualisation and engagement. By leveraging Augmented Reality technology and a user-centric approach, we’ve transformed static product showcases into dynamic, immersive experiences. The Interactive Product Simulator not only showcases Ishida’s product range with unparalleled realism but also empowers sales and marketing teams with a versatile tool for effective communication and engagement.

Unlock the potential of Augmented Reality Product Visualisation with Reflection, your partner in digital innovation. Experience the future of product showcasing today.