Atlona Comm

Virtual Exhibition Stand

Project Outline

Being a market leader in AV and having their Las Vegas event cancelled Atlona needed a Virtual Exhibition solution to replace this event. The experience needed to have information on their product range and new products that were being launched, allow visitors to book meetings with their experts, show live webinars and be ready to go live in only 4 weeks.

Our Solution

Using our platform driven solution and working with Iguana Group we were able to deliver an immersive Virtual Experience delivering and engaging and informative event.

An introductory animation showcases the product areas the company cover and using the flexible hotspot system the user is presented with text, image and movie content.

We integrated the Virtual Exhibition into a WordPress driven website which also included live events, webinars and the ability to book meetings with their industry professionals.

The Results

Launched in June 2020 with Altona utilising a solid marketing strategy to cover social, PR and pre-registration for the event put the event firmly on the radar of potential visitors.

Not only was this event hugely successful the USA but surprisingly after viewing the integrated analytics they could see it attracted visitors and enquiries for across the globe.

Key statistics and figures from Atlona Comm

The Future

Understanding the need for a Virtual Strategy and having had a successful experience permanently online for visitors Altona have recently updated to their Virtual Stand in line with their product development.

They now see the platform as not only a solution while live events are not taking place but a integral part of their future Virtual strategy. The Virtual Exhibition will run alongside the live event ensuring they get maximum return on their investments and allow visitors to see their latest developments whether or not they can make the live event.

Further integration to include live product demonstrations and gamification are currently being developed.

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