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Brand Refresh for Existing Client

We were tasked by Step By Step Recruitment, an independent recruitment agency, to give their outdated visual identity a fresh new look that was more appealing to a modern audience without detaching themselves from their existing clients. To coincide with launch of the new identity, a website update was required that allowed Step By Step Recruitment to easily manage current vacancies and candidates to conveniently apply for vacancies online.




Step By Step Logo

Step By Step Logo Grid



Creating the Brand Identity

Initial research led us to distinguish 2 different target audiences. One being candidates, optimistic job seekers searching for a helpful company to assist them in finding employment. The other being clients, business owners/HR seeking a professional service to provide them with reliable employees. We targeted candidates with a relaxed approach utilising a secondary, more approachable, typeface and vibrant colours while targeting business owners/HR with an efficient tone of voice and a muted, trustworthy colour palate. All of which remained within a consistent visual identity.


Step By Step Visual Identity


Step By Step Icons


Step By Step Posters

Developing the Website

We recognised that one of the key uses of the website was to search for vacancies. To ensure a positive user experience the job search feature was added to each page and given priority on the home page allowing candidates to easily search for vacancies. The new identity allowed us to create a website that was highly consistent with other marketing material giving clients a cohesive experience from the outset. Using layout elements from the print material meant we could structure job details in a digestible manner retaining a familiarity between different marketing efforts.

We utilised a content management system to allow Step By Step Recruitment to easily create, remove and update vacancies as well as blog posts and pages. An application form available for each vacancy enabled candidates to upload their CV and apply for vacancies online. Both of these features helped create a streamlined process for managing vacancies and applications.

Responsive Website

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