How to Install a Photoshop Action

Photoshop Action Comparison

What is a Photoshop Action

A Photoshop Action is a predefined set of commands that can be applied to an image. This same action can be applied to multiple images to create a cohesive set of photos. Think of it like a filter.

Once we hand over completed brand identity project to a client we may include some Photoshop Actions to ensure their brand photography is super consistent.

If your lucky enough to own Photoshop, find yourself to be the owner of a Photoshop Action file and don’t have a clue what to do with it, you’re in the right place. Open up an image in Photoshop and let’s begin…

01. Open the Action panel

Firstly, make sure you have access to the Actions panel by selecting Window > Actions and clicking the play button icon.

Installing A Photoshop Action Step 1

02. Click the menu icon and click ‘Load Actions…’

Click the menu icon in the top right of the Actions panel and hit ‘Load Actions…’.

Installing A Photoshop Action Step 2

03. Find and open the action on your system

Navigate to the actions file on your computer. The file should end in .atn.

Installing A Photoshop Action Step 3

04. Click the action and press play

Find and select the action from the list (not the folder) then hit the play icon at the bottom of the panel. Photoshop will then iterate and run each command in sequence until the action is fully applied.

Installing A Photoshop Action Step 4

Adjust the layers if needed

The cool thing about Photoshop Actions is that you can see in the layers panel what effects and adjustments were added. This will give you the ability to make your own tweaks to some of the layers if needed.