Brand Identity Deliverables

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Services such as logo and website design have a clear output. Ask us to develop a website and when complete, you’ll have an awesome new website. Brand identity deliverables are a little different.

There is no single defining output on completion of a branding project. Think of it more like a collection of visual components to define your brand identity, along with guides to help you maintain a consistent brand. What you receive can vary depending on your requirements, size of business, budget and various other factors. Outlined below are some of the brand identity deliverables you can expect from Reflection following a branding project.


We start any branding project with research. We perform an in-depth analysis of your business to give us a better understanding of what you want to achieve. Research into the industry, competitors and target audience of your business allows us to position your brand in the right place within the market.

While research isn’t a deliverable as such, we will always present you with our findings. It forms a solid foundation on which the brand can be built and informs decisions made during the development process. We often reference our research when explaining the reason behind some of our design choices at later stages in the project.

Mood boards

Mood boards show the visual direction of your brand. We curate images, colours and typefaces and present you with our vision for your brand based on our initial research. As the mood board is not a final piece of artwork, it’s an ideal milestone during the project to ensure that we all agree on the visual direction that the brand is heading.

The mood board is a useful reference throughout the development stages of the branding process, it also serves as a reminder of the original direction chosen for the brand should you need a source of inspiration to keep the brand on the right path.

Brand visualisations

It’s hard to imagine how a brand could look when presented with a solitary logo on a blank page or colour swatches against a white background. Visualisations help you to envisage your brand’s visual components in context. We aim to present our vision for your brand in a context that aligns with your business, for example, your logo on a social media profile, your brand pattern incorporated into product packaging or your brand illustrations embellishing your website.

The holy grail of brand identity deliverables: Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are a set of rules that define and explain how to use the visual components that make up your brand’s identity. By having these rules in place, it enables you, your organisation and service partners to communicate a consistent brand identity.

There is no industry standard for what brand guidelines should contain but typically they contain:

A consistent brand promotes credibility, increases its perceived value and allows your business to be more easily recognised within your industry. Building a recognisable brand takes time but staying true to your brand guidelines will give you a favourable start.

Brand Identity Deliverables - CMC Brand Guidelines
Brand guidelines produced for CMC

Logo pack

When your logo is signed off, we provide a digital logo pack that contains various file formats for print and screen. Take a look at our article that explains the benefits of common logo file formats and details when they should be used.

Visual identity pack

If your brand contains additional graphical components, we provide a visual identity pack containing those elements in various formats. This helps your organisation retain a consistent brand identity. The pack often includes items such as:

Support with using the brand identity deliverables

Our services don’t end when the project is complete. We’ll support you through the launch of your brand identity and offer advice and opinions to ensure your organisation stays brand-compliant.